About Mrs.Wells

Hi! Welcome to “We Can Blog”. My name is Analia Wells. I’m a bilingual Board Certified English as a Second Language teacher, who has been teaching for almost 19 years! During this time, I have taught all proficiency levels K-12 in Argentina and U.S.A. This year, I will be working with students from 3rd and 4th grade in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

Today, we live in a media-driven society marked by the overload of information; so I believe that having time to pause and reflect about our practice is critical to become more effective at what we do and to stayed focused. With that idea in mind, I started this blog with my students.

One of my main goals was to offer my students equally engaging and effective lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards while creating Language Arts lessons. I strive to promote language development by implementing multicultural resources to develop -at the same time- cross-cultural understanding and problem solving skills. 

My second goal when I started this blog, was to reflect about my own teaching practice and to share my ideas with other professionals in the field. In other words, this blog is not only part of my efforts to integrate technology into my classroom, but  it is also an opportunity for my students to experience learning the language in the 21st century  through communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Wells

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