Reading is Fun!


Posted by Mrs. Wells | Posted in Writing | Posted on 10/29/2012

For your next task, you will be creating a story on Storybird about your reading adventures. You will select images and write about why reading is fun. You will write a story like the one below describing how reading makes you feel. Try to be as creative as possible. Your story will be scored according to the rubric discussed in class.

Reading is an Adventure! by ltarrell on Storybird

Media Response: Malala Speaks up


Posted by Mrs. Wells | Posted in Critical Thinking, Media Response, Writing | Posted on 10/15/2012

In class, we have read and analyzed articles and videos about Malala and her blog posts about living under the Taliban threats. So now, it’s your time to create a media response to this informational content.
If you were Malala, what would you write about that day? How would you feel after being attacked?
For this task, you are going to write a blog entry about the day Malala was attacked: October 12, 2012.
Write a diary entry expressing Malala’s feelings, fears, thoughts and hopes. Make sure to include the date and title for your post.

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