Coolest Inventions of 2012


Posted by Mrs. Wells | Posted in Critical Thinking, Media Response, Reader's Response, Tutorials, Writing | Posted on 12/18/2012

In class, we have read and discussed the article from TIME for Kids about the coolest inventions in 2012. For this post, you will watch the “Google Glass” in action by a user wearing them. After watching the video you will combine the information from both sources – the article and the video- to create a “tutorial” describing/explaining how these glasses work. Your audience will be people that never heard, seen or read anything about these glasses.

4th of July Visors Tutorial


Posted by Mrs. Wells | Posted in Tutorials | Posted on 07/11/2012

Let’s celebrate 4th of July by writing a tutorial about decorating these visors. Your task is to write a step by step  tutorial about how you decorated your visor. You  can do one step and write about it or  you can do all de decorating and write your directions after you finished decorating. Make sure you include all the materials you needed and do not skip any steps. There should be a logical sequence and easy to follow directions so you readers can do it too. For this assignment you are going to use iPads to type in some notes that will be used in your tutorial.

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