Reader’s Response: The Story of the Milky Way


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In this Cherokee tale, a boy is trying to solve a problem that was affecting an elderly couple in the village. When the boy realized what the problem was, he did not know how to solve it.  So he decided to ask the Belowed Woman for help. Luckily, she suggested a solution.

After reading the story, you will be thinking about the following questions:

1-What character traits can you infer about the boy?

2-What’s the theme of the story?

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He is brave because he said that he was going to find the thief and he is patient because he was waiting for a long time.

In life we should work together to solve a problem.

1.The boy is showing perseverance because the boy go
out at night and trying to catch the thief.
2.The boy is showing honesty he is patient.

the theme is to work together to solve a big problem.

1. The boy is honest because he told everybody he could not catch the thief by himself.
2.The theme of this story is that you need to work all together to reach your goal.

number1– I can infer that the little boy is helpful because he was trying to help the elders. I can infer that the boy is honest because he said that he could not solve the problem by himself and he asked the grown ups for help because he could not catch the dog by him self. number2–The theme of the story is that in life we should work together to solve a problem and accomplish a goal.

1.The boy was showing honest because the boy telling the others people that it was a big dog. And the boy was patient because the boy and the rest were waiting to the dog come.2. the boy was showing honesty because the boy was saying by himself that how he is going to solve the problem by himself.

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