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The hour of code 2015 is fast approaching!!!! This year, we will be joining the hour of coding for the third time in a row!
Every year, the organizers release a video advertising the event. This time around, they released this video with a strong emphasis on girls. So for your post, you will be answering the following questions.
1-What is the video’s purpose?
2-Why do you think the producers are using all girls to convey their message?

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They want to encourage girls to do coding.

coding is not just for boys and girls life would not be fair
if it is just for boys.

1.They are empowering the girls to use CS,CS needs more people to not be afraid.

2.They’re showing that you should break the stereotype
that only boys can code, because girls can code too.

1.CS needs more girls to code and the girls not to be afraid.

2.Girls want to break the stereotype that boys can only code in CS but girls cant.

1-The purpose is to encourage of code. Computer science wants more people that are not to be afraid to do coding. Of course technology every part of our life so if you change technology you can change the world.

2-In this video they are using girls because they want to break the stereotype that boys can code but girls can not. Coding is not just for boys.

1- The purpose of this video is they want to encourage girls to do 1 hour of coding and they need more people who are not afraid to be creative and can change the world.
2-They are using girls in the video because they want to encourage girls to break the stereotype that coding is just for boys.

1.It is showing us how to code to make games. 2.Girls can also do code in computers and girls are breaking the stereotype today.

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