Reader’s Response: Comparing and contrasting character transformation


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Amelia'sRubyDuring this unit, we have read and analyzed two different stories about two different girls: Ruby and Amelia. We have also discussed how these two characters changed from the beginning through the end of each of their stories. For this post, you are going to evaluate their actions based on your inferences about their character traits. In order to do that, you will use your notes from class and the paragraph you wrote comparing and contrasting both stories. After you gather all your sources, you will be ready to answeer the following questions:

1) How did both characters (Amelia and Ruby) changed from the beginning through the end? What was the same for both of them? What was different?

2) What actions in the story affected them changing?


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Amelia hated roads at the beginning and at the end she loved them. Ruby changed from the beginning to the end because at first it was not fair for her at and at the end it was fair. Amelia hated roads because she felt like she did not belong.It is not fair because both girls were treated differently.

At the beginning Amelia hated roads. in the end she loved roads. and on the beginning Ruby was a normal girl wearing red. At the end she stood up for her and the other girls.

Amelia and Ruby changed for the beginning and to the end.

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