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According to a new study, emotions spread over social media can create a contagious effect. This week, we have discussed the effect of facebook on people’s moods. We have analyzed this article to open a class discussion. So, for this post you will state whether or not you agree with this finding and why.

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I agree with the study because when people post sad thigs it makes my feel sad in my good days, like when somebody posted about the earthquake in Mexico.

I agree with the study because I saw on Facebook that Paul Walker died and when I heard that, I felt sad. It was a good day but then I herad that he died and my mood changed.

I agree with the study because when I saw in facebook that Jenny Rivera died it almost made me cry even if it was a good day for me.

1. I agree with the study because one day when I was happy and I read something sad it changed my mood that day, from happy to sad.

I agree with the study bcause I had a good day but I heard that Jenny Rivera had an accident I was sad and when I posted something about her I had likes and comments about her and my counsin where sad the whole day, me, my mom, dad we where all sad becase she died.

I agree with the study bacaues when I saw on my facebook a piture of a baby after the earthquake with bricks on the head and it changed my mood when I saw it.

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