Media Response: “Failure” Part II


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We have worked with this commercial to show your understanding of how you can integrate your kowledge of character traits and theme. Now, it’s time for you to determine the tome and the mood of this commercial. So the questions for this post are the following:
1) What is the tone of this commercial? Remember you can use more than one word to describe it.
2) What is the mood? Remember to explain why.

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1.The tone of the commercial is serious,sad and disapointed because he said ”Ive lost more than 9,000 shots in my career”
2.The mood for me is joyful,determined and happy because he succeed and I can succeed too.

The tone is serious and sad because he sounds sad, serious when says it in the commercial.

The mood is hopeful because you can try to do it what you want to do.

1.The tone of this comercial is disapointed because he failed over and over.

2.The mood is determined and he shows persererance percevarence because he tried over and over until he succeed.


1.The tone of this commercial is sad,serious and disapponted because he failed 30 games.

2.The mood of this commercial is determined, joyful and happy because he succeded.

1.The tone of the commercial sad and serious because he said i been trusted to take the winning stot.
2.The mood is positve because he said and thats why…I succeed.

1.The tone of this commercial is serious because he was talking really serious.And It is also sad because when he said “26 times i’ve been trusted to take a game winning shot and missed”.

2.Themood mmercial is hopeful because he said “i’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why i succeed.”

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