Media Response: “Failure”


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In this unit, we have been learning about how to determine the theme in a story, poem, or passage.
Today, after watching this commerical and reading the script we had a class discussion around the tone, mood and the type of audience that creators wanted to target. So for this post, you will be answering the following:
1) What character traits can you infer from this commercial?
2) What is the theme of it?

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1.The theme is to never give up and you will succeed.

2.Micheal Jordan is hard working because he tries his best and he has perserverance because he never gives up.

1.The theme of this comercial is to never give up so you can succeed.

2.He has perceverance and he is eager because he never gives up and was hard workig becuse he tried over and over until he succeed.

1.In life you have to keep on trying until you get better.

2.He’s eager because he tried and tried and never gave up.

1 The theme in this commecial is to never give up even if you lose.
2 Micheal Jordan has perseverance because does his best and he is never going to give up.He is also determined because he tried all over again.

1.In life you should never give up.

2.He’s determined becomes he said I succeed.

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