Reader’s Response: The Secret to Freedom


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In this text, Lucy was just a little girl when her parents were sold off the plantation where her family lives.  With no family other than her siblings, Lucy learned from his older brother Albert that their lives could be different thanks to a secret code displayed on a number of quilts. The code  was part of the Underground Railroad: a system to help slaves be free. Using the information from the quilts, Albert escapes leaving Lucy behind.  Lucy was afraid that he would be caught and she would never see him again. Until one day…things changed.


In this story, we learned through these characters about how important family bonding is,  how difficult it could be to make some decisions and the importance of never giving up.

This secret code was created by the slaves to find freedom. For this post, I want you to think about what code would yu create if you were in a situation like that? Would you use a quilt or something different? Provide a brief description of your code and how you would use it.


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It will be up for good and if you go done soming will happen to you relly bad…

It means that you have to pass all thr trees and you will faound food and water.

My code is you go to the top of the mountion to find food and it is called food hunt becase you hunt for the food and it is the 11 code.

I will do the symbol whith arows. For the people can now which way to go and they can be free.

I do symbol with a pen on a paper with a light so people can see it as a map people can be free

i will create a face that have a white forward,and will have two stars in the eye.and have a red nose and cheeks,and a blue tongue and mouth and a blue chin.but with white teeth.and it is an american flag.

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