Reader’s Response: How Santa Lost His Job


Posted by Mrs. Wells | Posted in Critical Thinking, Reader's Response | Posted on 12/17/2013

In this story, Santa lost his job due to his lack of planning skills. From the elves’ point of view, Santa wasted a lot of time and energy. Surprisingly, one of the elves had an idea to solve the problem. He created the “Deliverator” to replace Santa. This machine looked -at first- very promising until there was a problem…
After comparing and contrasting Santa versus the “Deliverator”, we discussed the pros and cons about replacing people by machines in the world we live in. So for this post, I want you to evaluate about the advantages and disadvantages about having Santa or the Deliverator.

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Comments (6)

1.The Deliverator can be faster than Santa and it could plan better,but it could not waste time reading all the letters that the kids wrote him.

2.Santa can read all the letters the kids wrote him,but he need to plan better to deliver the toys to the kids.

1. Santa can take his own time but he cant plan better and he is too slow.

1.The deliverator can plan better but it cant carry many presents inside wheres Santa can put all the toys in his slade.

1. Santa can take his time reading the letters but Santa is slow.
2. the Deliverator can be faster than santa but it cant replace Santa because the Deliverator could not have a lot of weight but Santa’s sled can have alot of weight

1. Santa can read the letters,he think’s about the kids and he takes his time.But he can’t plan bet

2. The deliverator can deliver the toys really fast.But it cant carry all the toys because is a lot of weight.

Santa can read all the kids leters.But Santa has to plan better.The deliverator delivers fast.But it could not carry all the toys because it is a lot of weight.

Deliverator : They use the delivertor to replace Santa from his job because santa is too slow.

Santa: santa got his job because when the deliverto rgot the presents on him it was going in circles so the elves went to get santa so santa help.

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