Human Rights: 20th Anniversary


Posted by Mrs. Wells | Posted in Book Reviews, Global Education | Posted on 12/10/2013

If you are looking for ways to introduce the topic of Human Rights to your students, I highly recommend the following books.
We Are All Born Free ~ The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights in Pictures
I would use this book particularly with K-2 students because it is not only beautifully illustrated, but the language used is at level they can easily understand.


 The other great resource I found is an introduction to the concept of Human Rights from a child’s perpective: I Have The Right To Be A Child. It was written by Alain Serres and illustrated by Aurelia Fronty. It provides a general overview of children’s rights in a meanigful and direct way.

These two books are just a perfect reminder about how important it is for our 21st century learners to become aware of the significance of Human Rights is this global society they live in. As educators, we should not only teach our students about their rights; we must celebrate them everyday!

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