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if the shoe fits

If the Shoe Fits“, is a story about Rigo, his family, and the brand-new-shoes he got for his birthday. While working with this text, we were able to infer character traits from Rigo and his uncle Celso. We also discussed how the events of the story can affect characters’ feelings and actions. So, for this post I want to think about the specific event where Rigo was being bullied by Angel.

1-How did this particular event change Rigo’s feelings and actions?

2- What could have been different about this event? Did Rigo do the right thing by ignoring Angel?

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1.Rigo feels sad because Angel said to Rigo that his shoes are stupid and Rigo threw his shoes in the cioset He could tell his uncle that Angel took the nickels from him.

2.Rigo should tell a teacher or tell somebody or ignore Angel.

Rigo feel sad and mad because Angel said that his shoes are stupid and Rigo tru the shoes in the closet but he get ivitation to a party.

Rigo needs to tell his uncle sai that his shoes are stupid Rigo do the wrog thig by ignorig agel becuse if he said to his uncle that agel will said sorry to Rigo to said that his soes are stupyd.

1Rigo felt angry because Angel tell him that his shoes are stupid.and he threw his shoes in the closet.and then he got an invitation from his shoes does not fit him anymore.

2 When Angel tell Rigo that his shoes are stupid,Rigo could just ignore Angel,or tell someone in his family.
3 Rigo did not ignore angel because he went back home to put his shoes in the closet.

1. Rigo felt happy then it was his birthday and rigo got new shoes rigo went out of the house and went to the sidewalk then rigo saw some kids playing water ballons rigo wanted to join in but he was afraid that his shoes might get wet then came angel told that his shoes were stuip and rigo thew his shoes in the clost.
2. if angel did not came rigo would not thew his shoes and the clost.
3. rigo did the right thing by ignoring angel.

1. Rigo feels happy at first but when Angel said to Rigo that his shoes are stupid Rigo feels sad, mad and scared and Rigo stopped wearing his shoes in threw them in his closet. Rigo gets invited to a party Rigo wanted to wear his shoes but they don’t fit.
2- Rigo could talk to an adult but Rigo did the right thing by ignoring Angel.

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