Reader’s Response: A Bad Case of Stripes


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Camilla Cream loves lima beans, but she never eats them because other kids in the school don’t like them. And Camilla is extremely worried about what other people think about her. While reading this book, we were able to determine character traits by combining evidence from the text with your own inferring. So in this post, you will answer the following:

1) How did Camilla change from the beginning to the end of the story?

2) Provide at least three quotes from the story and the character traits that you infer from them.




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1 at the beging camilla was nervous because she liked lima beans but she did not want to tell anybody.and at the end of the story camilla was honest because she said tha the true is i really love lima beans.

2 evryone at school laughed at camilla. inconsiderate.
repoters from every channel were outside her house.curious-nosy.
the truth….. i really love lima beans.

1 at the biginig camilla was did selfh-cunsicous becuse she was worried of her what others thik of her but add the end she became her selfh becuse at the end dinet care what others thik of her. 2 ;all her frends hate lima beans and she wanted to fit in,;self-concious,
;what are going to do cried ms cream;,woried,
;evaryone at school laguhed at camilla;,inconsiderate.

1. at the beginning camilla like lima beans but she never testetdem she dont want to said to her freinds 2.she was hones wen she said she rily love lima beans
‘they ‘re afraid those stripes may be
‘reporters from every channel were outside her house’curious – nosy

1 camila did not want her friends to now that shes likes lima beans becasue they would not be her friends would not be clima friends
2. clima was honest when she said that she likes lima beans
all her firends hated lima beans and she want to

1 at the beginning camilla was not honest becouse she said that she didnt like limabeans but she really likes limabeans. but at the end she was honest becouse she said that she really likes limabeans.

2 i can infer that camilla is honest becouse she said the truth is …..i really love limabeans. camillas mother is

fist she loved lime bensand she did not tell nobody she was not confident and she changed at the end by being confident becaus she did not .that nobodey
ike lime bens. Everone at school was laughed at camilla-inconsiderate”the’re afrid those stripes may be contagious

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