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“A Chair For My Mother” is a wonderful story about a girl, her mom, her grandma and a jar full of coins. The girl lives with her mom, a waitress, and her grandma in a small apartment. One day, on their way back to their apartment, they discovered it had caught on fire and they have lost everything they had. They moved to a new aparment, but since they had no furniture at all, they start saving up money to buy a new chair.
After reading the book, we discussed what it would feel like to lose everything you had. So, for this post you will think about the following:
1-What lesson do we learn from the characters in the story? 2– What context clues did you use to understand the expression ” There’s no good place for me to take a load off my feet”?
3-If you lost everything you had, what would you miss the most?

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1-What I learned from the neighbors is to be helpful to people in need.

2-When mama comes home from work her feet hurt. that what i used to understand that to take a load off my feet means she wants to relax.

3-I will miss my family and my toohbrush, my clothes, and my xbox 360.

1-I learned from the neighbors to always help pepole in need and I learned from the mother to always be determined and brave in any situation.

2-They still didn’t have a sofa and no big chairs when her mama comes her feet hurt and she wants. to sit and relax

3-I would miss my wii and my wifi.

1- I learned from the neighbors is being helpful and give stuff to people to the girl and her mom because their house was burned and the girl was determined, thoughtful, helpful to her mom andput money in a jar.
2-It means her mom feets hurt and she wants tolay down.

3- I will miss most they burn up is my kinect, laptop, wifi, phone, room,games.

1~I learned from the neighbors to be kind to people who lose things and that need things.I learned from the girl to always be brave.

2~One context clues is ” When mama comes home,her feet hurt”

3~I will miss my Virgen de Guadalupe.

(: (: (: (: (: (; THE END <3 <3 <3 <3

1-I learned from the girl and her mother to never quit.
2-The girls mother feet hurt and there’s no good place for her to set.
3-I will miss my guitar the most.

1-What i learned from the mom and the daughter is to be determined and not to give up and from the neighbors they were helpful and friendly.

2-we still have no sofa and no big chairs. When mama comes home, her feet hurt.

3-I wil miss my virgen de guadalupe and my xbox 360 and my bedroom even my 3 tvs

1-The lesson I learned was that the mother and the girl They did not give up.
2-we still don’t have no chairs and when mama comes her feet hurt.
3-I will miss my clothse and my dog and my games.

1-The lesson I learned was that the mother and the girl because they have to start all over again and they have to find a new house and they don’t give up.
2-“We still have no chair” “We mama comes,her feet hurts.
3-I will miss my computer.

1-The lesson I learned was that the mother and the girl savedmoney to buy a new chair
2-“we still have no chair when her mom comes her feet are hurt”`
3-I will miss my game and my mom and my dad and my hamster.

1-The lesson I learned was that the mother and the girl started all over because there house got on fire and they were determined.
2-When mama comes home her feet hurt.We still have no chairs for mama can rest her feet.
3-I would miss my clothes the most.

1-The lesson I learned was that the mother and the neighbors were helpful because they gave new stuff they to start all over.
The girl never gave up.she had no daddy may be the dad went back to mexico
2-we still no chair.when mama comes home her feet hurt because there is still no chair
3-I will miss my video games.

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