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As the end of the year is soon approaching, testing is even closer! After reading about what the test will look like in the future, we have compared and contrast current questions with future ones.
Based on that, do you think the changes to the tests are an improvement or not? Why?

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I think taking the test on the computer its better because then our hands would get tired and you would just waste trees too .

I think the computer because we will be wasting trees and if you mess up you can rewrite and if you write with pencil your hand will hurt alot and if you talk you will take it all over.

1-I think I want to test to be better because we wasting paper and computers is not wasting paper. We can save trees, the test in paper with pencil is not good.

2-The bad part is the school need to buy alot computers for us and that cost alot of money

1~It is going to be better with the computer than in paper because in the computer you get to see videos and in the paper you can’t see videos, in the paper your hand gets tired.

2~Example:many kids in other states will be taking the same test.

It is going to be better because we won’t have to waste a lot of paper and you won’t have to write with pencil and your hand won’t hurt a lot.
I sometimes get nervous when i do something new.

I think it is better because it looks fun and the kids will want to do the test. kids in many other states will be taking the same tests.

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