Earth Day: Save the Elephants!


Posted by Mrs. Wells | Posted in Critical Thinking, Media Response, Writing | Posted on 04/25/2013

During this week, we have been celebrating Earth Day by reading, speaking, listening and writing about things we can do to help our planet.
In response to this video about the ivory trade in China, you will write to persuade your audience not to buy ivory so we can give elephants a voice like Celia Ho is doing it in China.

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I don’t like people killing elephants and to buy ivory because baby elepahnts lost their moms and dads do you want that? so don’t buy ivory.

1-Did you know that people are killing the Elephants for thier tusks? stop buying ivory items because many Elephants are being killed every year.

1-Did you know that people are killing the elephants for their tusks?
stop buying ivory iems because many elephants are being killed every year.

stop buying iyory because it’s made out of elephant ‘s tusks and they are killing the elephants for their the elephants

save the elephants because they kill the elephants for their tusks and make ivory, jewelry ,statues . if you buy ivory that means that you like to kill elephants.

did you know that sixty percent of our elephants are being killed.if they keep on killing elephants they might extint.

Did you know that they kill elephants to use their ivory in china for jewelery. Don’t buy ivory because the ivory comes from elephants and they kill elephants for their ivory and there is only 60% left of elephants .If you buy ivory that means you don’t buy ivory you do like elephants and you feel sad for the elephants. Thank you for not buying ivory.

Save the elephants because the hunters killed them for there tusks to make ivory jewelry and if you buy some you will agree of killing elephants

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