Coolest Inventions of 2012


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In class, we have read and discussed the article from TIME for Kids about the coolest inventions in 2012. For this post, you will watch the “Google Glass” in action by a user wearing them. After watching the video you will combine the information from both sources – the article and the video- to create a “tutorial” describing/explaining how these glasses work. Your audience will be people that never heard, seen or read anything about these glasses.

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Google glass tutorial
1.Google glass is a computer that tells you where to go. You can control it with your voice. You can video chat and you can look up the internet. You can take pictures.

2.To use it : charge it, put it on, use it, text with it, chat with it, go on the internet.

google glass tutorial

1. Charge them .

2.Put them on .

3.Turn them on .

4.Control them with your eyes and your voice .

5.You can use your jps to find the place you want to go to .

6.You can use the internet, you can look for the last ticket for the band you want to go see for anything like take pictures and it can take you anywhere you want .

Google glass is like a little computer. You can chat , text, talk ,check the temperature, check the time, go to the internet,and you can take pictures by using your voice and your eyes.

First-charge them
Next-put them on.
Then- talk to the google glasses.
Then-you can go to the internet.
Finaly- you can talk, text, chat.

How to use Google Glasses
First: Put it on if they are charged.

Second: Use your voice and say “Internet”,or “Music”, or “Concert”

Third: Go inside the shop if you are in a Mall say where you want to go to in the Mall

Fourth: Take a picture about something but use voice command and say “Picture”

Fifth: Have fun with your Glasses

Google Glass 1-you charge them 2-you put them on 3-you control it with your eyes and your voices 4-you can go to the internet you can see videos and texts 5-you can get directions.

Google glasses is like a mini cumputer it has sensors and contains a microphone and a camera you can chat and you can take videos you can look at the can text.

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